Skull & Crossed Bones Tankard Strap

Skull & Crossed Bones Tankard Strap

Mug Strap, Tankard Strap by any other name, will still hold your Tankard, Mug, Jack, or Goblet on your belt. Ready for when you will need it.

If you want something to hang your tankard from that is High Quality but at a low price, this is the one for you. Just like all of my other tankard straps, this is handcrafted from top grain 9 – 10 ounce Latigo leather.

I was told that I keep forgetting to tell my customers about the one feature, that my Tankard Straps have that others don't have. That feature is the edges of the tankard strap. Most of the other tankard straps that are out there, the edges on those are not finished. It is a raw edge. It is just a beveled edge. The edges on my tankard straps, are edge beveled & burnished (polished) & sealed to a shine.

The decorative snap head is a Skull & Crossed Bones. 

The tankard strap is designed to fit an 9 –10 ounce 2” wide belt I guarantee it. 

(If you need it to fit a larger belt, I can make it for you, for a few dollars more.)

The dimensions are 1¼” wide, x 5 7/8” long closed (open 11”), the strap to hold the handle is 5 7/8” long.

You have four colors to choose from and they are Black, Russet Brown, Dark Brown, or 2-Tone. (2-Tone is created by using Russet Brown Leather, then I hand brush in Black Dye to make wide boarders.


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