2½” Classic Kilt Belt

2½” Classic Kilt Belt

This is the 2½” Classic Kilt Belt. I first designed this belt back in July 2006, when I was working the Utilikilt booth at the San Diego Comic-Con in. These belts will work on most Kilts.

Each belt is made from 9 – 10 ounce Latigo Leather for years of use. These belts are 2 1/2" wide but otherwise, are just like the belt you use for your pants.

Step 1. Select your belt Size (Put your Kilt on, take a tape measure or a heavy cord feed it through the loops like you would your belt. If you used the cord, measure the cord and add 2” to the total length. If you used a tape measure add 2” to the total.) Each belt has 3” of adjustment up & down. 

Step 2. Chose the color you want: The choices are Black, Russet Brown, or Dark Brown  

Step 3. Chose the Buckle you would like to have. There are two choices. The Solid Brass Rectangular Buckle, or The Roller Buckle.

Nickle Roller Buckle

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