The Peasants Baldric

The Peasants Baldric

This Baldric is for the person that is on a budget. Don't let the low price fool you. This hanger is comfortable and adjustable.

That's right it is adjustable, it can be a left-hand draw or right-hand Draw. You can even adjust it to fit the sword. The Cutlass in the picture (Not included) is 4 1/8” inches in circumference, and there are 5 more adjustment holes larger (adjustment holes are about 1” inches apart).

The Peasants Baldric is 2 inches wide and made from 6 – 7 once Black Latigo leather it has a 2-inch Nickel roller buckle and hardware, or Brass roller buckle and hardware.

The frog (this is the part that holds the sword) is held in place with 2 Chicago screws (this is also where you can change it to Left-hand Draw or Right-hand Draw). There are 7 adjustment holes for height and chest size (The model in the pics is 6' 2” 280 lbs).


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